My Faith

I'm a Mormon!

I was baptized at the age of 9 and lived in a household of a nonmember mother and a stepfather who has been inactive for all of his adult life.  I enjoyed church as a youngster but never really "got" it.  I strayed a bit in high school.  My desire to fit in didn't mesh well with the fact that Mormon's are a bit odd on top of the fact that I grew up in a relatively small town and the majority of my peers were in no way associated with my church.  In my heart I knew what was right and what wasn't and I feel that kept me pretty grounded for the most part....thank goodness! After my first year of college I put my big girl panties on and called my best church friend to see if she needed a roommate by chance.  That phone call alone changed my life.  In an instant I transferred colleges and moved!  I wasn't active but I knew I wanted to be.  She invited me to institute and to come to church with her, I'm sure I was hesitant at first but eventually I dove right in.  Having a big group of friends that she introduced me to really helped since I had instant friends (while I'll admit I thought to be a bit geeky at first) of whom I'm still friends with all of them, and now I suppose I'm geeky to say the least!  I had a desire to know and learn and understand and took Gordon B. Hinkley's challenge to read the entire Book of Mormon cover to cover to heart.  Kid you not I read that thing EVERYWHERE!  I sat in the gym waiting on class to start, walked all over campus, and even read on the bus!  The Lord has his hand in everything and was preparing me to meet my future husband who at the time was battling with his own challenges of finally deciding to get real and look for his wife!  Wow who would have thought he went to church that day and said I'm going to marry that girl and it was me, being prepared to marry him!  Fast forward 7 years, two kiddos later and here we are.  Hubby is the branch sunday school teacher and I am the primary president!

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