Monday, April 23, 2012

Maternity Family Portraits

I'm so excited to post these! Amber Lanning, who is a local photographer and friend and will be photographing the birth of Baby Dotson #2, took these for us. I just love them all and I'm so grateful to be able to have such wonderful friends that are willing to trade out services!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Easter 2012

Wow our little man is getting so big! This year Easter was actually fun! He totally got the whole finding the eggs thing! Mommy made sure he had a special Easter basket full of goodies, a tradition from my momma!

We dyed eggs at Grandma's a week before Easter.

On Easter Sunday we got to dress up and go to church, yes little boys dress up too! :)

Here's the awesome tie dye eggs the kids created at Aunt Tracy's! I'm so getting those next year!

All the egg hunters at Aunt Tracy's

Looks a little guilty to me....

Hmmm wonder why....

Oh Titan found a golden egg!

And finally we ended the big day at Grandma's for our second egg hunt! This one was a little easier considering he was the only one looking! He got all 18 eggs!

So thankful for such fun and loving grandparents! (and having two different sets within minutes of each other!)

Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Razorback Room Reveal!

Finally finally finally! My son is only 19 months old now and I'm finally getting you pictures of his room as it looks today! We are 35 weeks with a little girl so I wanted to make sure I snapped some pictures of his room before we totally changed it again!.......well not totally we are still keeping the Razorback theme but we'll be adding in a toddler bed and I'd like to make a few things prettier! :) Oh of course. So without further ado I present photos to you!

Starting with the closet:

Found the closet organizers at Tuesday morning and spray painted them red and coated the inside with clear fingernail polish so they didn't leave red scratches all over my white painted dowels.
Was going to originally purchase those fabric square foot bins they sell at Target for $5 a piece but then a quick trip into the Dollar Store and I found these plastic locker looking bins for $1 each! Love them!
These little bins came in handy from the Target $1 section. They currently hold shoes and books that we are reading.
These were the original baskets I had on the top shelf, I wanted three but these two were all they had. I've kept an eye out every time I've visited TJ Maxx again. Two fit perfectly now right there on the bottom of the closet!

Here are some straight wall shots of each wall:

The changing table was an old laminate TV cabinet that we painted. The "T" is just a painted canvas. Since Baby #2 is on her way I'll probably cover this with some fun fabric since we can't cover the entire room in "T's" anymore! Gotta share! Also on the to do list is to cover that blasted changing pad. It's impossible to go into the store and buy anything red! I've taken up sewing recently so when I find a toddler bed this will be one of the updates in the new pictures (at least I hope!)
Handpainted that Razorback on the wall before little man arrived. I used one of those old school projectors from when I was in elementary school. I can't stand that round Razorback light but of course when I saw it at Walmart I just HAD TO HAVE IT!
Thanks to some lovely ladies at our church we have custom sewn pieces in this room! It's impossible to find anything red, let me just remind you. That glider was a craigslist find that originally had that baby blue fabric....and boy was is yucky! The baby bedding was custom as well. I just got that little white locker table, under the window, from IKEA in plans for the room transformation to two kiddos. The 7's on the wall are Titan's onsie I made him to match his daddy's Razorback Lacrosse jersey. Not sure where those two things will go in the new plans.
Cheap dresser painted white and the handles I painted as well. The pictures make such an impact on this wall! Thanks to my special photography friend Ruthie.....who moved off to hooo! I love that girl!

Corner room shots:

Hopefully these extra shots give you an idea of what the whole room looks like pulled together.


My first sewing project completed on my own was this Razorback mobile! I just love love love how cute it turned out!

That 2006 Yearbook was the year TW and I were married so we thought it suitable for our kiddo's room!

I hope you enjoy! I'd love some feedback!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Razorback Mobile

I know I know I know, I'm supposed to have already given you a preview of Titan's awesome Razorback room, which I've yet to reveal. I guess I'll have to do that before I completely change it! Baby Dotson #2 is coming so I'm a little recharged on the Razorback room. It's a small room and they will be sharing it for a while. They are small. I am big. I don't want to get rid of my home studio yet. :) Fair is fair right?

Today I finally finished up a interest inspired project (from here) that has taken me a few days to days I mean working on it for an hour or two here and there. I'm really excited about it! I may add a smaller circle in the middle with some fun circles or something, what do you think?

I linked up to "The Pinterest Challenge", you should to if you've completed a project recently!

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