Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sorry I jumped the blogging boat

Ok viewers, I am so sorry I jumped off the blogging boat the last few days. Something about this awful weather and being stuck at home all week left me feeling like nothing exciting was happening around here. I mean who can work on projects when you can't even go outside because it's raining and 35 degrees during the end of March! Yuck! Well apparently this weekend is supposed to be very nice so bring on some activities!

Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm going to attempt the photo wall!

First we'll start with a before picture:

Yes pretty boring....I know.

Now a few during shots:

This is harder than I imagined it was going to be. I mean really there's so many choices and layouts, imagine all the possibilities, or wait don't just stick with something and run with it!!!

This is what I have so far. Although it could change because I didn't think at all about the colors of the frames so who knows when I actually start putting them up (obviously not right now while everyone else in the house is asleep) I may end up with all black frames in the corner or something.

I also think I am going to get rid of that little side table there and move the couch down, possibly replace it with a tall bookshelf?

I wanted to keep the two canvases in their spots, the third one I decided to take down mostly because I ordered a glossy finish to that one (ordered it first) and when I ordered the last two I didn't think at all about finish and sure enough two matte canvases arrived. I would rather use that image somewhere else through the house than reorder it.

My favorite part is the hanging vintage camera!!!

I can't wait to get this finished!!!!

Do you think I should change something up?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Flower Bed Project.....During

I think my husband secretly hates coming home! I mean he must when I get these great ideas.......but I can't possibly do them alone!

We're making progress from the last post!

Yes it's middle March and we haven't gotten our Christmas lights down yet.....don't judge.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

DIY - Thrift Store Finds

I actually found this piece at a surplus store.....which I think are my favorites now!!! I love those places!

Let's start with our BEFORE:


It's a miracle what a little can of Rust-Oleum white spray paint can do!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DIY - Master Closet Reveal

This is my first real project to actually complete with before, during and after photos and I'm proud as a peacock!


Wow we sure had a bunch of junk shoved in there!


Now some detail shots of the completed closet!

Did a little shopping around the house

Found these baskets for $10 each at Walmart

I found these hangers for $.10 each so I bought 200 of them for $20 I knew I would never see a deal like that again! Originally I first found these hangers but when I went back to get more the sales woman showed these beauties to me so I swapped them out!

I love the little details of the tags!

His side.

My side.

Monday, March 21, 2011

DIY Shoe Organizer

We originally bought two separate shoe organizers hoping we would keep one in our mudroom and the other in our closet, however this solution hasn't worked out too well. While I realize we need shoe storage in both locations, the closet will store our "pretty" shoes and the mudroom will most likely be full of our day to day shoes, one single shoe organizer is not going to work for two people who both like shoes!!!

So here's what I did this morning...

This project cost me a total of probably $3, for the E6000 glue, because I already had the two organizers but I think they may be $20 each at Walmart?

Started with two shoe organizers

And some E-6000 glue

Added some glue to the top of the bottom organizer

Put the top organizer right on top of the bottom

Pushed together and viola!

I'm excited about this piece for my new closet!!!

I'll be revealing it tomorrow!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I have 6 lab puppies that are too stinkin cute that we need to start finding homes for!  They will be vet checked as well as have their puppy shots.

Ellie (chocolate lab) was bred to Duke (black lab) and we ended up with 3 yellows and 3 blacks.  One of them is solid black and the other two have a white spot on their neck.

They will be registered and available to take home on April 12th.  We are taking $300 a pup.  Please let me know if you are interested or feel free to send along our info if you know someone looking for a puppy!


How could you say no to this little guy?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Around Here

I have a little helper who is so excited about "helping" with our closet redo!!!!  Or maybe this is his reaction to the musty paint fume smell?

We are making progress!!!

I'm sure you can see why I NEEDED to get rid of that nasty yellow paint now!

We have an eyesore outside though too!  I can't grow a darn thing in these flowerbeds.  After three years I am officially giving up!  Today Daddy Dotson and I got our hands a bit dirty and pulled out the wooden rails and started a flower bed to the side of the house.  We are hoping that as we clear these beds out grass will grow along the porch.

He's irresistibly adorable!!!  Loving these two little teeth!

Daddy and me!  

Ok really those little legs are TOO adorable!

This face makes me want to grab him up and squeeze him tight!  He's so handsome.  He insisted on drinking from Daddy's straw while we were eating at our new favorite place.....Jason's Deli. 
Can't get enough!

Friday, March 18, 2011

We Threw A Party!

I don't have much Irish roots and I'm not sure I've really ever worried about wearing green, but for some reason I was on a mission to host a St. Patrick's Day Party!  I was pretty sure not many friends would come due to the fact they all live in town and we live about 45 minutes away on top of it being a school night, but we (I) threw a party anyways!  We had lots of fun with close family and friends, I'd say it was a good time!

I just want to share a few pictures of the event with you!

Green Party

Green Jello

Green Minty Flavor

Green Filling

Green Layered Cake

Green Carnations

Green Cupcakes

Green Ice Cream

Green Signage

Green Accessories

Green Pizza

Green Family

Green Baby

Green Momma

Green Daddy

Green Parents

And finally a behind the scenes, Baby Dotson doesn't care too much to for disguises!
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